05 December 2007

Pre-Orders and the Like.

So... this past month, and this current month...

Artists in the Music Industry have been keeping raaaather busy...
19th November saw the release of the Girls Aloud album, "Tangled Up."
[I pre-ordered that two weeks beforehand, from their website... which entitled me to an exclusive Fan Version, with an alternate cover/insert and autographed photocards.]
26th November saw the release of Kylie Minogue's new album [aptly-titled], "X." [being her 10th Studio album]
[I pre-ordered that in September. Loyal fan.] HOWEVER! I pre-ordered the Standard Edition... and, what fan would I be if I settled for the Standard Edition. The UK Fans are lucky... they have the option. In the US... we don't. So... I had the order cancelled... and then ordered the Deluxe Edition, which comes with a DVD about the Makings of 'X.' [It should be here shortly...]
10th December will see the release of Kylie Minogue's Documentary Feature-Length, "White Diamond." As an added Incentive... it will be shipped and sold as a double-DVD, the other DVD containing her highly-anticipated return to the stage: "Showgirl Homecoming Tour!" Fans have eagerly starved themselves, waiting for this Tour-de-Force Stage Spectacle to release on DVD, since halting the actual previous "Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour" before coming back to OZ, for the last half -- due to the Breast Cancer scenario. Homecoming sees a Joyous Kylie triumphantly set foot back on her Art Deco Concert Stage with more lights, more NEW sounds, more dancing... and many surprises.
[I pre-ordered it the day I r-epurchased the Deluxe Edition of 'X.' It should be here -- tentatively -- by Release Day.]

Yahoo! I have two fabulous Kylie works of art to anticipate. Yay!

Oh, and as an added sidenote...
04th December [today/yesterday] saw the release of Daft Punk's latest phenomenon, "Alive 2007." [In the US.]

And the two new Dannii Minogue albums, are WONDERFUL! ["Club Disco," -- available as an online download only -- and "Unleashed." Each has rarities and remixes, and random new tracks... but not ONE of them is the track she's releasing this December: "Touch Me Like That," with Jason Nevins.]

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