26 September 2006

What Should I Have Done!?

Ok... so... I passed up an interesting opportunity, today at work, cos I didn't know what to do, short of stand there.

Yes, it's about a boy... what a surprise.



Ok, so, it's about 0712pm, today, Monday 25th September 2006, and I'm at work in the Copy Centre with Beth.
She and I are doing our own things in the CPC, and getting shit done. Boywatching is something I always do, while at work, naturally... so, I was feeling the urge coming, and needed to fulfill it.
There was a boy, standing at the Service Desk, that I thought was rather cute. He was about 5'9" - 6'1" [moreso on the 5'9" side], blue\green eyes, dark blonde hair, a few tattoos on his left and right arms, slender cut build, dressed a little on the ghetto-er side, still casual but a little more urban.

The only reason I decided to look, was cos I felt that someone was looking at me. Strange, huh? And, boy... was he looking at me! He wasn't just looking... he was staring, grilling, and undressing me with his eyes. At first, I thought he was just looking over, cos I was looking over at him. Shortly, I realised that he was very intent on locking eyes. He was standing at the service desk, checking out, and continued to look into my eyes. Now, by this time, customers had approached the Copy Centre Counter, so I had some time and a reason, to move. I make my way over to the CPC POS, and I see him making his way through the foyer, on his way out. Throughout his walk, he was still gazing into me... and wouldn't let go. His visual grasp was strong, and forceful. The best way to describe how he was looking at me is...: "I want you to know that I'm interested in you, and that I think you're hott. Please, tell me your name, and I will be yours."

As he was walking closer and closer to the door, I was beginning to look at him almost as intently as he was Me... so as to let him know that I, too, was interested. Everytime I looked over, there he was, looking into me. He was making his way out of the front doors, when he leaned back into the doors, backwards, just to gaze into me, again. Then he proceeded to walk out, and look in at me through the windows.

I get the feeling that he really wanted me, or me to talk to him... cos he just wouldn't let go.

What did I do about it? I just stood there, like some fucking mindless idiot. I could have signaled over to him, to come over to me... or something simple, as to give him my number or something along the lines... but, no... I was too fucking taken in and apprehensive that I couldn't control myself.


I just let him walk right by me... I'll probably never see him, again. Just my luck.





But, the one positive notion, is that he knows where I work... so, if he was really interested, or really THAT interested... he'll come back to find me.