24 December 2008

Love, American Style -- or -- Long-Distance Phone Sex Operateur

So, I was introduced [today] to what I feel is the Perfect Man for Me.
He's absolutely GORGEOUS... He's 22, like Me. He's 5'7", like Me. He has that
Shaved-Head-and-Piercings-Got-Tattoos-and-Plenty-of-Muscle thing going on for him. He's a Design Student [more like Art, and less like Interiors]. He's half Greek and half German [meow]... and he's tooooootally into Me.

> Small problem.
[He's up here, in Burlington MA, visiting his parents for the Holidays...]

> Big problem.
[He goes to school in
San Francisco CA...]

He even said so himself...
"So I'm only here for the holidays, otherwise I'd be asking what you were up to later..."

Anyhow... here's a picture. [Note: that boy is

Isn't he DELICIOUS?!
Pierced lip, orbital in ear, shaved head... had a mohawk at one point... oh man. What I wouldn't give...

Until next time, loves!

I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting... Let me BREAK THE ICE:

As you can plainly see, it's been quite a while since I've posted anything to this. [Almost a Year, to be exact]... and a lot of this have happened to me, this past year that I should have carefully jotted down [as I do love to write].

I will try my best at updating this thing a little more frequently, cos... you all deserve to know. :)

Love to you all!