31 December 2007


Fuckin' wicked, bitches!

It was another Sunday Night at Randolph Country Club, and, naturally... KARAOKE NIGHT!

You know I tore the bitch up. It was fucking great! We got there so early, too... it was wonderful. Cos, not a lot of people were there, when we showed up.

Cast List:
~ Jessica
~ Maria
~ Stef
~ and Yours Perfect...

So... I broke my fucking Karaoke Record! I normally do Five Songs. [mostly Kylie, and one Mixer-Upper].
This time... I really fucking outdid myself. One of the selections was a poor choice, on my part [but I did it out of Spite.], but the rest were phenomenal!

1. "Slow," by Kylie Minogue [cos that's always my opener! It's moderately-paced, within my range, and full of sensuality]
2. "Can't Get You Out Of My Head," by Kylie Minogue [why the fuck not? Everyone knows that one, and can dance along!]
3. "Fallen," by Mya [really bad choice for me... great song, but definitely not in my range... great song, nevertheless] [[~at this point in the evening, Mikey and Maria had already left~]]
4. "Livin' La Vida Loca," by Ricky Martin [just cos Jess makes me do it, every time. She likes it when I do Ricky. LMAO]
5. "I Begin To Wonder," by Dannii Minogue [I never knew this song was in the book. I plan to do it every time, now. It's in my range.]
6. "Jump (for my love)," by Girls Aloud [I was so excited to see Girls Aloud in Orlando's Karaoke Book, that I chose it, and forgot that I don't know all of the words, yet. But, that was definitely an 'Ony' song, said Stef and Jess] [I also plan to do this one, more often.]
7. "Kids," by Kylie Minogue & Robbie Williams [I did it as a duet with Marco, cos he kinda knew the song, and wanted to... I did perform it, the week before with Brian cos he loves Robbie Williams... but, Marco had a little more fun with it, even though he didn't know the words too well... but he wants to practice more, so that we can do it more often!]

So, yeah... they fucking loved 'Slow,' 'CGYOOMH,' and numbers 4 - 7. :) It was phenomenal! They especially loved 'Jump!' That made my night... like, Oh Shit! They like a Girls Aloud track!!! I also need to practice that one a little more... cos... I fucked up the second Bridge. I totally didn't realise that the second verse is only half-as-long as the first one, and the second Bridge follows right after. But...
I still rocked it out. I fucking Jumped up and down like a raving lunatic! It was brilliant! My best performance yet!

The whole night was a success. I loved it.

Jess has pictures of me, that I want... but Stef decided that it would be a good [and socially incriminating] idea to Record me doing "Livin' La Vida Loca." I knew she was doing it, too... [the little red light gave it away]


All-in-all... I had a blast. I fucking Love Maria and Stef. :)

Until Next Bloggie...
Love to you all, bitches!


10 December 2007

[0NY] fucks Vaudeville, drunk.

So... I've been going to RCC [Randolph Country Club] every Sunday night, now, for weeks... cos Sunday Nights are Karaoke Nights. Well... can we just say that each Sunday, I've come out of my shell, more and more...

I'd been going with Jess, cos she loves going there. [Not gonna lie, so do I.] I love it. Everyone is usually very very friendly, the hosts [and most of the performers] are actually very personable, and will laugh with you [not at you].

This past Sunday was noooooooooooooo exception:

Ok, I arrive with Jess [I had her come get me, cos I wasn't going to risk taking the familienwagon on the highway, in ice, again] and go to sit down at the bar. She went tinkles, came back, and there were a slue of people at the bar. When she sat down, I noticed that our 'friend' Brandon was up there, doing some song that we don't even think he knew. [he has this habit of picking songs to perform, and when he does them... it sounds like he doesn't know the phrasing of the song whatsoever.] Cute kid, but completely oblivious. This had been the second week I've seen him [him not seeing me] since that first time we all hung out at Jay's house. Well.. Jess asks me if he'd come over to say Hi... and I told her that he hadn't, and that he hadn't done so, the week prior, either. Sure as shit, shortly after she said that, he comes over to us, and pounces on my face. ["OMG, I didn't know you were here... I mean, I looked up and over at the door, and a good scent hit me... like 'wow, someone smells really good!' and then I looked over and realised you were here!" So, like... he kissed my cheek once, during the conversation, then did it again, and almost a third time, before he went over and said Hi to Jess.

At this point in the evening Jess is giving me 'the look.' [Ony, you need to get up there, already.] I was just finishing my second Sex On The Beach [in three minutes]... and she tells me that she wants to hear me do "Slow," by Kylie Minogue, again. [She likes that one cos I OOOOOOZE Sexuality in it, and it's a lot better for my vocal range, cos it's in my lower register] I was shocked that the Karaoke Master had it, cos... no one out here knows these songs... Hahha... [I like doing Kylie-oke cos I already know all of the words to 98% of her songs, so I can focus more on the PERFORMANCE Aspect, and not necessarily at the 'Stare-at-the-Screen' Aspect]

So... I get up there, and it's time to "Slow down and dance with me... Yeah... Slow..." And, I was already all dolled-up, for this Sunday... so... I had to rock it the fuck out. So... I did. [There was a guy at the bar that was fucking hooooootttttttttt... and every time I went to perform, he'd just focus on me -- but he wouldn't say anything. I wasn't about to, cos I hate making the first move -- I let the boys come to Me!] But... for the first Verse and Chorus, he focused on NOTHING but Me. And... at this point, my Online friend MARCO walked in. I'd never really talked to him in person. He walked right past me, and I didn't really notice it was him. He did look familiar, though. So... He walks in with his 45-ishYO Boyfriend. [hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahah] and sits down at the tables near the stage... I start doing my thing, and walk closer... close enough to start working the crowd [from a distance]. After all... it was my first song... I didn't want to seem too eager.

One Song Down.

After a third Sex On The Beach, and two shots of 'Tracey Juice' [bartender's own concoction; don't know what's in it] [for Me] Jess is about ready to throw me up there, again. I chose to do "Can't Get You Out Of My Head," by Kylie, cos... Jess likes that one, and she felt she needed to hear me do that one, also... cos the words are exactly what she needed to hear. Dear goddess. So, naturally, I obliged. This time, I went a little further into the room, during my performance, cos I was already starting to feel my "Liquid BRAVADO." So... I start walking and dancing around the entire front half of the room, with the table of girls that absolutely loved meeee... I could also see that Marco was singing along to the song, and doing most of the moves from the video in his stool. I felt great!

Two Songs Down.

I decided to tone my drinking down a bit, and have just a Smirnoff. A couple of "ok-performing" performers later, and I severely wanted to blow them out of the water. So, I suggested it, and Jess agreed, cos she knows how much fun that song is. I chose "Red Blooded Woman," by Kylie. This time, during my performance, I decided it was high time I make it further into the center of the room... so, what do I do...? I traipse around until I got the beginning of the bar [by the latter parts of the song, naturally] And, by that time, I had everybody there movin' and groovin' along with me... Fantastic!

Three Songs Down.

Right here, in the evening, I've officially cut myself off -- temporarily. [bwahahaha] I was already watching my cash disappear, so I figure, for the time being, I've had enough. I start perusing the Songbook, again... and couldn't decide what to do. I'd seen a few good potential tracks... and then I pointed one out, that I knew I could do, but was a little too afraid to do: a ballad. The bar-goers were so used to me doing Dance-y Pop-y tracks, and Jess immediately convinced me to do it. She said it would be an awesome change up, to having done Pop music most of the night. ...I chose "Un-break My Heart," by Toni Braxton. I KNOW... R I S K Y M O V E ! But... I had to do it, I was now determined to show them all that I could do it, too [it was also a lot closer to my better range than the other tracks, hahahahahahah]. And, when I did... it made me so glad that I did. The group's reaction to my song was intenseeeeeeee! I don't think I'd ever been received with so much Enthus. And I was pretty much EN POINTE!

Four Songs Down.

After that, my heart was POUNDING! It was a combination of intense Lung Usage [to belt out those amazing holds], and nerves, from having sung like that [for the first time in Four Years], and being loved for it. It really took my breath away. Hahahhhaha. So, by this time, I was ready for more alcohol. Tracey [the most amazing bartender EVER!] came over to us with a new product to try... she called it a White Christmas. She said that it'd had Egg Nog, Southern Comfort and White Chocolate in it... and, I tell you, the damn thing was amazing! I couldn't even taste the alcohol! So... I had a taste of the sample, and asked that she give me one. I was in heeeeeeeaven! And... it gave me enough "courage" to attempt one... last... song...: "Love At First Sight [2002]," by Kylie. Jess was PISSED that I did that one... You all know the words to that one...

"And everything went from wrong to right
And the stars came out and filled up the sky
The music you were playing really blew my mind
It was Love, At First Sight...

...cos Baby, when I heard You
For the first time, I knew
We were meant to be as One..."

She thought that I was doing it as a direct call-out on her feelings toward a certain someone... that was not the case, at all. I chose that one, cos it was the last Kylie song left in the book! Hahahahahahahahahaha... so she got mad at me for no reason. Well... my Stage Presence and my Performance sold that one! Cos... everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was enjoying themselves at that point... and I was all over the fucking place... it was beautiful.

I'd totally had wayyyyyyy too much to drink.

...I think I'll be doing this a lot more. Every Sunday Night, in Randolph, bitches!
RANDOLPH COUNTRY CLUB, Sunday Nights... look for me... the fag with the Pink Hair.

[I'll be the one rockin' everybody's socks off.]

05 December 2007


I think the Header looks cool, inverted, also. ;)

National Piercing Day?!

News flash:

Apparently, 16 May is National Piercing Day.

[to go along with the first Friday in May being 'No Pants Day,' and 09 May being 'Brazilian Orgasm Day.']

...just thought you should know.

Pre-Orders and the Like.

So... this past month, and this current month...

Artists in the Music Industry have been keeping raaaather busy...
19th November saw the release of the Girls Aloud album, "Tangled Up."
[I pre-ordered that two weeks beforehand, from their website... which entitled me to an exclusive Fan Version, with an alternate cover/insert and autographed photocards.]
26th November saw the release of Kylie Minogue's new album [aptly-titled], "X." [being her 10th Studio album]
[I pre-ordered that in September. Loyal fan.] HOWEVER! I pre-ordered the Standard Edition... and, what fan would I be if I settled for the Standard Edition. The UK Fans are lucky... they have the option. In the US... we don't. So... I had the order cancelled... and then ordered the Deluxe Edition, which comes with a DVD about the Makings of 'X.' [It should be here shortly...]
10th December will see the release of Kylie Minogue's Documentary Feature-Length, "White Diamond." As an added Incentive... it will be shipped and sold as a double-DVD, the other DVD containing her highly-anticipated return to the stage: "Showgirl Homecoming Tour!" Fans have eagerly starved themselves, waiting for this Tour-de-Force Stage Spectacle to release on DVD, since halting the actual previous "Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour" before coming back to OZ, for the last half -- due to the Breast Cancer scenario. Homecoming sees a Joyous Kylie triumphantly set foot back on her Art Deco Concert Stage with more lights, more NEW sounds, more dancing... and many surprises.
[I pre-ordered it the day I r-epurchased the Deluxe Edition of 'X.' It should be here -- tentatively -- by Release Day.]

Yahoo! I have two fabulous Kylie works of art to anticipate. Yay!

Oh, and as an added sidenote...
04th December [today/yesterday] saw the release of Daft Punk's latest phenomenon, "Alive 2007." [In the US.]

And the two new Dannii Minogue albums, are WONDERFUL! ["Club Disco," -- available as an online download only -- and "Unleashed." Each has rarities and remixes, and random new tracks... but not ONE of them is the track she's releasing this December: "Touch Me Like That," with Jason Nevins.]

Rippin' Up The Discoooooooo...

Rippin' Up The Disco
by Kylie Minogue

Down, down, down, down…

Micro love, Your satin dreams and glitter
The shuffle, shaking shiver
To mourn electro lady luck
Metallically reflecting your retromancy fashion and style

I never want to lose the glow
Strobe lightning take over my soul
Intrusion never let you go (away)

You won't control me now
I'm burning to feel it
Now I'm
Ripping up the disco
Raving on the dancefloor
Ripping up the disco
Raving on the dancefloor

Really, if you think you're in me
Won't control me now
Ripping up the disco (won't control me now)
Raving on the dancefloor
Ripping up the disco
Raving on the dancefloor

Down, down, down, down…

Destiny, I'm hip to your persuasion
Your solid reputation
I follow who's at the red light road
Your slammin' greasy relish
So foxy funkadelic, you glow

Lights mantra I begin to move
Reaction spotlight on the groove
Suspicious, everybody wants (to play)

You won't control me now
I'm burning to feel it
Now I'm
Ripping up the disco
Raving on the dancefloor
Ripping up the disco
Raving on the dancefloor

Really, if you think you're in me
Won't control me now
Ripping up the disco (won't control me now)
Raving on the dancefloor
Ripping up the disco
Raving on the dancefloor