31 December 2007


Fuckin' wicked, bitches!

It was another Sunday Night at Randolph Country Club, and, naturally... KARAOKE NIGHT!

You know I tore the bitch up. It was fucking great! We got there so early, too... it was wonderful. Cos, not a lot of people were there, when we showed up.

Cast List:
~ Jessica
~ Maria
~ Stef
~ and Yours Perfect...

So... I broke my fucking Karaoke Record! I normally do Five Songs. [mostly Kylie, and one Mixer-Upper].
This time... I really fucking outdid myself. One of the selections was a poor choice, on my part [but I did it out of Spite.], but the rest were phenomenal!

1. "Slow," by Kylie Minogue [cos that's always my opener! It's moderately-paced, within my range, and full of sensuality]
2. "Can't Get You Out Of My Head," by Kylie Minogue [why the fuck not? Everyone knows that one, and can dance along!]
3. "Fallen," by Mya [really bad choice for me... great song, but definitely not in my range... great song, nevertheless] [[~at this point in the evening, Mikey and Maria had already left~]]
4. "Livin' La Vida Loca," by Ricky Martin [just cos Jess makes me do it, every time. She likes it when I do Ricky. LMAO]
5. "I Begin To Wonder," by Dannii Minogue [I never knew this song was in the book. I plan to do it every time, now. It's in my range.]
6. "Jump (for my love)," by Girls Aloud [I was so excited to see Girls Aloud in Orlando's Karaoke Book, that I chose it, and forgot that I don't know all of the words, yet. But, that was definitely an 'Ony' song, said Stef and Jess] [I also plan to do this one, more often.]
7. "Kids," by Kylie Minogue & Robbie Williams [I did it as a duet with Marco, cos he kinda knew the song, and wanted to... I did perform it, the week before with Brian cos he loves Robbie Williams... but, Marco had a little more fun with it, even though he didn't know the words too well... but he wants to practice more, so that we can do it more often!]

So, yeah... they fucking loved 'Slow,' 'CGYOOMH,' and numbers 4 - 7. :) It was phenomenal! They especially loved 'Jump!' That made my night... like, Oh Shit! They like a Girls Aloud track!!! I also need to practice that one a little more... cos... I fucked up the second Bridge. I totally didn't realise that the second verse is only half-as-long as the first one, and the second Bridge follows right after. But...
I still rocked it out. I fucking Jumped up and down like a raving lunatic! It was brilliant! My best performance yet!

The whole night was a success. I loved it.

Jess has pictures of me, that I want... but Stef decided that it would be a good [and socially incriminating] idea to Record me doing "Livin' La Vida Loca." I knew she was doing it, too... [the little red light gave it away]


All-in-all... I had a blast. I fucking Love Maria and Stef. :)

Until Next Bloggie...
Love to you all, bitches!


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