31 July 2007

Fun, when you least expect it: Patrick.


Ok, so... get this.
About a month ago, I started talking to this guy, Patrick. At first, I was a little perplexed; I mean,
he's this Great Looking Irish Kid / Punk / Ex-Army Turned Fire-Fighter in Dorchester [24yo, stocky-beefy-footballplayer build, redhead/firebush] and he expressed an interest in, of all people, Me: this flaming queen from Brockton, as Gay as all hell...

We'd been talking and whatnot, and we just shared information, got to know each other. Now, I'm sure he's not looking for anything Long-Term, and I'm ok with that... I could always use more friends.

He IMs me, a week and a half ago, and he asks me what I'm doing, and if I'd like to hang out with him.
Of course, I told him that I'd love to. Little did I know [which I found out a little further into the conversation], he only really wanted to just mess around with me.

...I wasn't havin' any part of that.

Regardless of how I may look, or portray myself in my pictures... I'm not a whore, and refuse to be seen as such. I'm not interested in 'hooking-up' with anyone. It's overrated; I also find it emotionally unsatisfying. I mean, sure, it's fun in the moment... but, after it's already over, you're left feeling a little empty.

So, naturally, I let him know, upfront, that I don't do that; I'm not that kind of person/don't do that, anymore. Reasonably, I put him off, cos he was looking to plow me. [Definitely wasn't interested in having someone fuck me... I'm passionate, not an animal.] He wasn't really happy about that, but, he understood what I was saying.

Hadn't spoken to me, since then.

Ironically, he'd been checking up on me, and I was well-aware of it. I thought it was cute.

So, today, I get a message... and it's him, just asking what I was up to, or doing this evening, also having sent a picture of the one thing I haven't seen, yet. [mind you, it was midnight] I told him that I was already in bed, and chatting with Jamez. So he asked if I'd want to see him. I told him that I didn't have a car, cos I got into the accident on Friday [27 July 2007, 'death of my car']. He told me that he'd come to see me...

Without much surprise, he asked about messing around, and all that other junk. I told him no, and he was sad. [sensing a pattern?] I told him, that if he were to come and see me, we would just drive around, and we'll talk and stuff... but no funny business. He agreed. [before I said 'Yes.'] Then, he kept insisting and insisting... talking about rimming and whatnot. [Funny enough, that always does the trick for me. Hahahahahahahahahaha] He dropped it, and said that if something were to happen, hot, if nothing happens, that's ok, too. So, I agreed, expecting that nothing would happen... or if so, maybe just making-out. He showed up at about 0150am.

He was definitely a lot more masculine than I thought he was going to be. Only cos most guys that express an interest in me, are strange. He was masculine, good-looking and sane. It came as a shock. I get in the car, and we start talking... with his hand on my leg, rubbing. We park on the side of a quiet road, and, the center seat bar [he drives an older Crown Victoria] comes up, puts his arm around me... then commences the make-out fest. [Yay!] He's a very passionate kisser. He did that thing I absolutely love, where, as you're making-out, you both have your mouths open on top of one another, and you breathe in each other's aire, lips touching... intensely hott. He has a spot of trouble, trying to undo my belt, cos I had put the buckle on the side, for that reason exactly. Still making-out, he leans in closer to me, holds me tighter to him, and moves my hand to his shorts. [Now, I was expecting that we'd talk for a long time, and that we weren't going to do that, cos he agreed to the stipulations I'd set forth. Boy, was I misinformed.] His picture made it look big; it was much bigger than the image had suggested. This feeling of fear and panic took me over. He has me give him head while poking my bum with his fingers, and actually used dirty talk. I stopped what I was doing, and asked him if he seriously intended on doing that. He looked at me, funny, but immediately put a cease to it.

Next thing I know, the passenger seat's tilting back, he flipped me over, and started rimming me. I didn't let on, cos I was pretending to be put off... but it rocked my world. Shifts me over a little more, and then decides to break out a bottle of lube he had, in the pocket of the driver's side door. I immediately turn my head back, and question his motives. Lubed me up, lubed himself up, and started slip-sliding around that area. He didn't really try to enter, which was a relief, but managed to slip enough so that, every so often, he'd be knocking at the entrance and surprised me. He'd just hold me closer to his body, and slid around. Then, much to my dismay, breaks out a Magnum and puts it on. I stopped dead in my tracks. He looks at me, and all I said was No. So, he gives me another look, and starts lubing me and him up, again. This time, he grabs ahold of my pen-is, and started stroking it, as he'd make-out with me, to try and distract me, into entering. I stopped him, and told him that I knew what he was doing. Everytime I'd refuse, he'd tell me that he couldn't help it, cos I have a really hot and cute little ass.

So, he started moving a little more swiftly and harder. This time, without hesitation, he entered. Didn't get it all in there [he's between 8" and 9", and ridiculously thick], but got more and more in there, everytime he'd pull back out a bit. At first, I'd really been bothered by it, cos he went against what I told him, blatantly and persistently. The more he did it, arguably, the more accustomed to it I became. Not at any point did he ever make it all the way in, but gradually did, more and more. He then took it upon himself to flip me over, on my back and face him. [to make matters worse, and easier for him to get in there.] He also got faster and harder... he'd do the 'go fast and hard, then go slow and steady' and alternate frequently... The next sexual thing he'd said was that he was really close, and if I'd wanted him to cum. I told him that I did, half-expecting I'd get to see it happen. Sadly mistaken. At this point, I was actually into the situation, and head-on. He starts making the faces, and cums. The problem...: he came inside the condom, inside me. He didn't pull out and take the condom off to cum on my tummy... :( I let him know that I was disappointed, cos I figured he'd let go on my stomach, and told me that at least he was wearing a condom, and did it in there. He was actually good about that, but I'd have preferred it on me; where I could see it. He told me that I wore him out; he was sweating as much as a pig after he finds out he's getting cooked next.

Ironically, I enjoyed his company, and I didn't mind messing around with him... cos he was a nice guy, and was around my age [which is NEVER a problem.]. He was also really, really cool. On the way back home, I asked him the most important question in my repertoire...: "So, are you Bi, Curious or Gay?"
He told me that he was Gay... and, for some reason, that shocked me. I also half-expected him to say that he was Bi. I told him why I was surprised, and why it mattered [cos I only really seem to attract Bisexual Boys, and I really hate that, cos there's the chance that they could always go Straight]. He told me that he thought that maybe he could be Bi, cos he has had sex with girls, and such... But, he hasn't in a long time, and probably might not. [Not what I wanted to hear; I'd preferred he'd stay Gay]

We parked in front of my house, and we talked for a little bit about him being a firefighter and what his days are like, and what his schedule is like, and all that fun stuff. As we parted ways, he did something else that shocked me:

He said goodbye with a kiss on the lips.

Normally, I do that with all of my friends... but, I didn't expect him to do that. He kissed me on the lips, put an arm around me, kissed my cheek, and continued with a hug.

Now, cos of the fact that he is so masculine, I didn't even see the lip-kiss coming -- reason being that it's traditionally a Very Gay thing to do, like, reserved for the homos like me. I was turned-on.

I thought it was sweet. We ended the date/meeting at about 0245.

So, for the bad Monday I had at work, he more than made up for it. I was very glad that I finally gave in to his request, and met him.

I made a cool new friend, and I told him that I'd love to hang out with him, again, anytime.

Goodnight, everybody. I'm off to bed. Those 8" / 9" knocked me out.

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29 July 2007

This Is Not Real Love

T h i s - I s - N o t - R e a l - L o v e
George Michael & Mutya Buena (and Black text is sung together.)

Don't kiss me, darling
I want you to hear the things I say
I loved you in my way
But you know I'm gonna leave you
The clock was always ticking
And your heart,
Yes I know your heart is always on the run
I hate what I've become
But I'm still gonna leave you
And I don't think you should stay for the night
Baby you know that my flesh is weak
You know I simply
I cannot sleep without you
My heart has simply nowhere to go
Nothing to hold
Those tears you're crying
Time and time again you take me back in baby
You don't have to make it plain
This is not real love

Look at us dancing baby
Let's dance and show them all
(Dance and show them all)
How close we are
The lies have worked so far
So we go on deceiving
But darling don't you know the time
Baby, look at yourself, holding back the tide
Like you've got something else up your sleeve
That's why I've got to leave
And I don't think you should stay here tonight
(Baby don't you know that my flesh is weak, you know)
I simply I cannot sleep without you
But someday I'll have nothing to show
(Nothing to show)
(Nothing to show)
I've nothing to hold
Oh, baby, crying
All those simple things that won't come again
Oh do I have to make it plain
This is not real love
And I said this is not real love

Real love
Baby it don't glisten and shine the way it used to
This is not real love (real love)
Baby think of all the promises I made on the day that I seduced you
Baby don't wait for me like some angel of tragedy
I have to set you free
Darling you should be long gone, oh long gone by now
You should be with someone, someone

Glisten and shine
You promised me
You've gotta face it woman, you ain't ever gonna change me

Where will I go, what do I know
About life without you
You promised me you'd never leave me, no
This is not real love
I have to leave you, and you know why
Tell me
There are some nuns (some nuns)
With their tits out
I have to wank over them

Glisten and shine
You promised me
You gotta face it, I like nuns with their tits out
And that's real love

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28 July 2007

The Lindsay A Curtin Memorial Scholarship Committee's 1st Annual 'Dollar$ for Knowledge Angel Walk - Fundraiser'

If you, or anyone you know, knew Lindsay Curtin [Cardinal Spellman High School, 2006], please come out tomorrow, and show your support with those who knew and loved her.

Lindsay died last March, of Cystic Fibrosis, just before a 3-organ transplant.

The Event / Walk will be held tomorrow, Sunday 29 July 2007, at DW Fields Park in Brockton MA. It's from 08am to 02pm.

Her name is Lindsay, and she is an Angel.

Do your part, and remember...

"It's for Lindsay."