10 November 2006


Just my fucking luck.


Sometimes I hate my fucking life.


Let's start with the first issue of the day, and work our way up to RIGHT NOW.

I went to get highlights in my now-brown, not-red hair, in white... and the colour didn't even catch. Wasted Money.

Gabe was pissing me off for the past few days, and today was the culmination of it all...

I was supposed to hang out with Bobby, last Friday Night... guess what? I didn't hear from Bobby. He hadn't taken down his away message in a full-week, and was NOT responding to any messages to his phone. So... I saw that his away message was finally down, and at his computer... I say Hi... and he signs off. FUCKING BOBBY!

Then, I finally talk to Chris, after a few days... and he tells me that he's drunk, horny, and wanted me... I wanted to cry. I really wanted to be there with him, to hold him, and have him hold me... FUCKING LIFE!

Ian finally IMs me to have a conversation with me, since about a week ago... and he tells me that he's going to try and cheer me up with Ice Cream or Something, when he gets his car registered in this state... But... we've been trying to get together for MONTHS. FUCKING LIFE, AGAIN!

I talked to Ryan, after having him not talk to me in a month... and he tells me that he still wants me, and hang out, and wants to see me in the flesh... then says that he'll BRB... yeah... he didn't come back. FUCKING RYAN!

Today, a new boy comes to me [Bisexual, Not Out, ...already flawed] and tells me that he wants me... he thinks I'm hot and all... he's gorgeous, and close-by... We're talking... getting to know one another... tells me all these things about being Bi and Not Out and whatnot, which is a nicely devastating blow... cos I hate attracting Bisexual Guys... that hurts... so we're talking... and he asks me one question... and my entire laptop has some fucking meltdown. Like... I couldn't type, I couldn't click, nothing was moving, nothing was working... and it was like that for about ten minutes. So, naturally, after ten minutes of not having his question answered... Just as soon as my computer started working again... I go to type the answer to his question... he signed off before I could finish. I wanted to fucking cry, and kill myself. FUCKING LIFE AND LAPTOP!$%@$!@$#@#^@^$


I hate my life.