10 August 2016

24 May 2015

From: Ony Perfection

Hi! How are you?
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07 December 2009

12 October 2009: All Hail KYLIE!

How silly of Me!
I completely forgot to Blog about my Out-Of-Body Experience... Having witnessed the One, the Only, Miss Kylie Minogue... LIVE! In New York City! [she's also on Twitter! @KylieMinogue]

Yes, 12 October 2009 - Monday, will be etched into my subconscious until the day my heart no longer beats.
The glorious Hammerstein Ballroom played host to Ms Minogue for three Magical and Surreal Evenings. Sunday to Tuesday.

I went with dear friend, soul sister and fellow Kylie enthusiast, Rich St Germain.

This is a sample of My photographs from the concert!:D
12 October 2009 - Kylie Minogue plays New York City

And, if you'd like to see all of my photographs from the concert, please feel free to visit my Facebook photo album, 'KYLIE: IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!!' and 'KYLIE: IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!! [part two]'! :D

A Musical Treat - For You to Download!

I've decided that, seeing as how I don't update this as frequently as I do my Facebook or my Twitter, I should let you guys have something. :)

Over the Summer, my friend AL and I sat in his studio for a few hours and assembled a DJ's Mix Set [consisting of just-over One Hour] of the songs I'd been listening to at the Moment.

So, for all you Lovely Lovelies, here I have in my possession a mix containing some wonderful remixes from the likes of BWO, Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue, September, Solange, Lady Gaga, The Saturdays... and more! Remixers include Freemasons, Digital Dog, Jody den Broeder, Bimbo Jones, Xenomania and others!

Share it with your friends! I hope you enjoy it!
[click on the image/album cover for the download link!]

'The @ONYP3RF3C710N Session' on MediaFire

24 February 2009

I want somebody, just anybody, to lay their hands on my soul, tonight...

My level of anxiety is driving me up the wall... I've been an emotional wreck since The Be All and End All. I keep lying to myself, every day, that I'm past it; that I've grown and moved on.

It's most certainly not the case.
Having been single and miserable, all this time, while he's moved on and with someone he loves just as much as he had for me... it's a terrible, terrible pain. It's much too much for me, and I'm not sure I'm equipped to handle this sort of situation.

Reading the Twilight-series books isn't helping my situation much, either. Each book relates to me in such a large and frightening manner that... I feel I should stop reading them. The Aspect of the Bella/Edward Romance is what pulls at my heartstrings... so In Love that it made everyone around us aware. The passion, the selflessness, the 'I'd-Die-If-You-Left-Me,' the 'I-Cannot-Exist-Without-You...'

It's not just some simple "I love my boyfriend, he's great;" It's far, far beyond that. It's that one moment that every living-breathing being lives for... finding your one, true Love; Your Soulmate... the person with whom you were intended to spend the rest of your eternity.

We'd made the Physical, Emotional and Perpetual promises, and it had been only a matter of time for them to have come to realisation. Until then...

I hope the two are happy, together.

But, I didn't write this out for His Benefit [or Unease], and certainly not for Hers... I wrote this purely cos I had something I needed to say, and no one was around to hear me. I needed to Vent, to Cry and to Acknowledge that this was they way it was to be.

I hadn't thought about him since New Years, just after that last Enemy Blowout... but, my birthday came around and I started feeling a little Alone.

...just read the title. [a line from "Desperate," by David Archuleta]