28 May 2007

Today, 28 May 2007 is Kylie Minogue's 39th Birthday.

After having endured a Breast Cancer episode, Kylie triumphs over all...

  • returning to her stage as the new 'Showgirl: Homecoming Tour' began in the fall of 2006, in her native Australia

  • arranging with H&M to be the spokeswoman of a new Limited Summer Loungewear/Beachwear Line called "H&M♥Kylie."

And today, on this day, we celebrate her 39th Birthday.
Happy Birthday, Kylie.

"Like a pure White Diamond, I'll shine on and on."

26 May 2007

the KYLE Underwear Model... he's ridiculously hot, and strangely familiar.

Ok... so the model for the KYLE line of Men's Undergarments is extremely hot, if I do say so myself. To quote most girls this day and age... "He's BANGIN'!"

But, he also kind-of reminds me of someone I haven't seen in a few months... does anyone know what happened to John Starosky? He hasn't been to see me at work in a while, and I was getting kinda worried.

Anyway... Ladies, Gentlemen, and Lady-like Gentlemen... here he is!

And, here are a couple up-close of his front-and-backsides. : )