14 October 2006

Depresssssssssssion: What a way to go.

I've basically had two depressing weeks, thus far. [and still counting.]
But, I believe, that the major blow, the uber depressive moment, was tonight: 13th October 2006. The one event I've been preparing for, for two weeks. The culmination of two weeks of hard work, and daydreaming... and [poof] gone in a flash.
Tonight was Kim's Halloween Party. Did Faggy go to it? Nope. Why? Cos Faggy couldn't get there. Realistically, I understand the reasons, but, it still hurts.
Then, to add to that... I've had thirty other boys cancel their plans with me... others made plans, and cancelled that same day...
"Scott" even tried to make plans with me, today, before Megan came to get me... cos he finally wanted to get together, to try and cheer me up... but I had no place for us to hang out, so he gives me this little BS line about trying to feel better... and... [poof, again] Instant Letdown. AL cancelled plans with me on Sunday. Fat Man ruined my plans on Saturday. Chris still won't make up his mind about when to hang out with me. Darryl hasn't called me. MuscleMark hasn't made any motion that recognises my existence, since the night he bailed on me, and never called. Johnathan still hasn't agreed to meet up with me, and keep his word. I haven't seen Tre in two weeks. I haven't heard from Tommy C in a 'Coon's age. Mikey A hasn't hung out with me in a while. Mikey C hasn't settled on plans, yet. Jakey doesn't have any time for me. LA won't make plans with me. I skipped out on Matty, three weeks ago, and since then, he hasn't spoken to me... but, that wasn't my fault, cos I wasn't feeling well, and fell asleep when I got home. And, all the new friends I'm making online, only talk to me once, and then never talk to me, again. Then, Addison won't make plans with me, cos I don't have a car, and his boyfriend doesn't have the time. Jackson bailed on me, on Sunday.
Life is just really pulling out all the stops, in trying to keep me from living happily, no?