17 January 2005

What Happened?

You and I
When we first laid eyes
There was something I found
That I

Didn’t think I’d find
For a very long time
That look we shared
It made you mine

We had a bond
It thought it could be Love
But it didn’t last
I suppose you’d had enough

Wasn’t I what you wanted?
Was I what you needed?
Did I do something wrong?
Or, was it a disaster all along?

I thought you loved me
Didn’t we belong at all?
My heart was yours,
Until you slammed it through the wall.

I sat and cried
‘Cause I hoped it wouldn’t end.
Here, I have a question for us both…
What happened?

There was a time
As we reclined
I felt secure
Inside my mind

I lay with you
Somehow, you knew
And the end
Wasn’t far behind

How could you?
You saw it coming, didn’t you?
Was it something I said?
When we lay in the bed?

I just want to know
For the good of self-salvation
I need to know where it went wrong
To end all my frustration

In the end
I guess I see
That you and me
Weren’t meant to be

I’ll never understand your reasons
Your logic or the rest
I wanted you to see that I have
Given you my best.

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