21 July 2006

LA: What a day.

30th June 2006. ------ The Best Day of My Life.

I got the phonecall at about 0124pm, telling me that LA was on his way, just leaving his house, and that he'd be at my house in about half|hour to 45 mins. So I decide to rush whatever I have left to do in terms of appearance, and getting my other shit together. But, receiving the call was exciting enough, cos now he's in my phone, as not just an entry in the Phone Book, but as a Recent Received Call. :D Then, he calls me again at about 0156pm to tell me that He's already on Forest Avenue, and nearing my house. [Anxiety Level leaps to a new bound.]

Next, he's sitting in my driveway [didn't bother to call me -- to tell me that he had already arrived in my driveway]... so, I didn't know if he'd been sitting there a while, or had just arrived. But, I didn't let it get to me [too much], and, apparently, it didn't bother him. I get in the car, and we ride off together... into the sunlight. :)

He asks me which mall we should head off to -- I suggested South Shore Plaza in Braintree, cos it's the closest mall with an Abercrombie & Fitch [I told him that I wanted him to have a little more Abercrombie in his life]. The only drawback to that idea was that SSP doesn't have a Hollister Co. He asked me if we could take backroads to get there, and I thought Why would he want to take backroads, as opposed to the direct route, consistent of 24 North to I93 North. But, I never did ask him... I just went with it. During the trip-etty trip, we talked A LOT. We swapped stories back and forth, talked about our experiences, as if to form a stronger bond than we'd had before. Coming out to me started it; continual conversation keeps it alive. I really enjoyed the fact that he could confide in me so well... it really showed me that he does want to be my friend. [I'm hoping for more at some point... but, a boy can only dream.] We also talked about our 'less than memorable' situations, like my Bridgewater State College incident, and some of his indiscretions... it was as though he was trying to get a better understanding of me, and I of him.

We arrive and park at the Parking Garage, by the back, and realise that the Macy*s entrances to the mall are all closed. Why? Cos every Macy*s moved into their Filene's lots. Usually, I go to the mall, through Macy*s, and my Malling experience is set to motion in perfect synchrony. But, this time skewed any chance at that. We walked over to the nearest entrance, and remembered that That specific entrance led to the GAP, next to where I usually start.

We walked by the Abercrombie windows, and he heard the pulsing music. [Oh, how I love Abercrombie.] He asked what it was, and where the music was coming from... so I had him walk a few more steps. I walk right in, and direct him to where we would start our shopping experience. I instructed him that we would start with a few simple items, to build up his tolerance for the Abercrombie Metrosexual Prep lifestyle. The most popular of said lifestyle is The Coloured Polo shirt. I walked over to the Polos, with him in tow, in search of colours that would compliment his skintone and hair perfectly. I glanced over at the different shades of Pink, to an ultimatum. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted me having done so, and uttered 'No pink.' He and his male friends have some aversion to Pink, that I don't understand. His girlfriends all know about it, but... the most important obstacle is his stubborn, traditional father. I was a little disheartened at the fact that he was denying himself the pleasure that is Pink Wardrobe, but I understood where he was coming from, and got over it quickly, for the sake of time and friendship. We weren't out to make him look Gay. We wanted him to look more modern, and a member of the homosexual community... you know, dress a little nicer, a little more fashion-sensibly, like he knew a thing or two about how to dress well. We were going for 'I sleep with girls, but because I sleep with boys, I dress fiercely.'

What I did was choose three different colour palettes, consisting of a Polo, and a TShirt whose base colour matched the liner and Accent Colours of the Polo. Obviously, you can just wear the Polo alone, but, fashionably both shirts together look better, and are more Gay-Friendly.

Set One: Burgundy Polo, with Dark Olive TShirt
Set Two: Aquamarine Polo, with Chocolate TShirt
Set Three: Dark Cerulean [Navy] Polo, with Hunter Green TShirt
...the last of which was the ultimate favourite. He looked sooooo hott in it. [blush]

Then, shortly after, we went to take a look at denim, cos, all he had were dark jeans, on the verge of Grayed-Blue-Black denim, and that was going faster out of style than chivalry. I suggested to him that he have lighter denim, to offset the darker colours in the outfit, and to play on his skintone a little. Lighter coloured jeans also flatter a person better -- the ultimate Ego boost.

I asked him his waist size, so we could get started. I was not prepared for his answer. I nearly had a stroke.

He's a size 28 waist. [Now, the reason that it is such a big deal, is cos I, myself, am a size 28. We can share jeans. :) ]

I scoured the shelves of denim, and found two pairs of 28s... which is a rarety, considering Abercrombie doesn't usually sell size 28 anything. One of the 28s was extremely light, and the other was lighter than average. He walked over to the dressing room, and I waited outside for him.

I assumed that he was just going to try on all of the outfits, then report the findings. As much as it shocked me, he opened the door and allowed me to take a peek at 'the new him.' He stood, pressed against the door jamb, immobile. "Ony, I need you to get me this pair of jeans, one size bigger... [laughing] I can't get them to button completely." I took one look at him, and left my jaw on the floor. I told him that his ass looked spectacular, and that I supposed the rest of 'the package' looked phenomenal. He smiled, and he blushed, and told me to shut up. :P He climbed back inside the dressing room, as I fished around for those same jeans, in size 30. I returned, armed with denim, and launched them underneath the dressing room door. I remember... the last time I was at Abercrombie, trying on clothes with Megan... they yelled at Megan and I cos Megan was 'too close' to the Dressing Rooms, and I was the one trying on clothes. This time... they didn't even care. He swung open that door, and I could never have been prouder of myself, in my entire life. I successfully made someone over. I gave that boy a total overhaul, and it felt fantastic. He came out in the Burgundy pairing, and it did look cute, but... it didn't scream 'this colour is me.' He tried on the Aquamarine pairing, and then the DKC-Navy pairing, and... I had an instant heart-on. He said that he absolutely loved the shirts, but didn't know how he felt about the pants, cos they were a little snug. ... ... ... I could have slapped him, if he didn't look so hott... cos, that was the purpose of buying jeans that actually fit you... so that they ARE snug, and show off some of your better attributes. I told him that he looked positively HOTT, and he had the hardest time believing me. That's something to know about me... a compliment is a compliment. I wouldn't compliment you, if I didn't have a sincere reason to do so... and trust me... I HAD EVERY REASON TO DO SO. He finally put his guard down, and affirmed to the positive. I told him that, in order for me to buy his outfit, I would have to hit up an ATM. He told me that he was all set, and would buy it himself... and I didn't really like that idea too much, cos I promised him that I was going to buy it... and it would be going back on my word.

Much to my dismay, the ATM refused me my transaction[s]... several times, in various denominations. I was NOT happy. I only had a whopping 53.00 USD on hand, at the moment, and... those clothes were not going to come cheap. I came back into the Abercrombie, and told him that I wouldn't be able to buy him his outfit. He said that he didn't want me to, in the first place... and pulls out his Platinum AmEx. I nearly fainted, and began to worry... [I didn't need to worry, cos, I was monitoring what he was purchasing. Not only was I monitoring... I was the one picking the shit out. :P ]

Purchased at Abercrombie: Navy [Dark Cerulean] Polo, with Hunter Green TShirt

He liked the idea of superlight jeans, and the colour being lighter than he's used to. But, I told him that he didn't need to get those, if he didn't want to... then suggested that he and I go to American Eagle, cos I could get him the same pair, essentially, for half the price. The AnF jeans were 79.50 USD. I found an almost-identical pair of jeans for 39.50, and in a size 28. They fit him perfectly, and his ass, yet again, looked ravishing. I also helped him pick out some TShirts in varying colours, cos he needs more shirts than anything... and all he really has is Red. Umm... none of that.

We walked the mall a bit, and I asked him of accessories, and such... like shoes, a belt, jewelry, and things of the like... I was mainly concerned with the shoes. I asked him what he'd be wearing with that outfit, and he told me that he was going to wear his running sneaks. I wanted to cry. We went down to Underground Station, and I bought him a pair of Black Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars Hi-Tops. :)

I may have only had 13.00 USD left in my wallet, but, it was well worth the purchase. It really was. We walked around, and he said that he wanted to get some Shades, and a new silver Thumb ring.

Next, we stopped to rest, and eat. Shopping is an art, and a workout.

So, we're in the food court, and we're talking... about everything: Finishing up the conversations we were having in the car, talking about new things, bringing up other subjects in our lives...
...but, I also talked to him about Me. I tried to assure him of something: "I hope that you know, that when I say things that appear to make you a little uneasy or uncomfortable, I'm only kidding... or mean it half-heartedly... I wouldn't want to jeopardise what we've just established... You're too good of a friend for me to fuck that up."
He told me that he knew and understood... he just makes it look like he gets uneasy. But, he told me not to take it personally, when he flirts back with me, cos he does that often and subconsciously, with everyone... I told him that it was ok, and that I wouldn't stress it... [But, do I? Yes. Yes, I do. A lot.]

Secretly, I think he likes me... but will he admit it to anyone that knows me? No. Will he tell his friends, like Kim? Maybe... But, Kylie only knows that he wouldn't ever tell Me.
But... he knows that I like him... just not how much [and after having had this journal entry posted on my MySpace, and he read it... I think he now knows just how much I do like him.] There were only really about four people, six now, that know how much I truly do like him. ...

...moving on.

We're sitting, having finished eating... and he asks me, 'What did you want to do, between now and the time we leave for Mirabar? Did you want to hang out some more, or did you want to go home?"
[Was he serious about the 'home' part? I set aside my entire day, cleared it out, just to spend the day and be with him... there was NO WAY he was going to get rid of me that easily!]
"Good, cos Becky and Jesse are having a little get-together at their house in Dartmouth, and you are more than welcome to come. Kim will be there, too. So, you were already going to meet her, but now you can meet all of my friends at once."

I thought to myself, this is perfect, absolutely perfect. Not only do I get to see what Larry's like, outside of Staples... but I also get to see him completely shirtless, with his friends.

He asked me if I needed to get anything from home, to go down there... and I told him that I would need my swimsuit, a towel, and all of my hair accessories. We get to my house, I get upstairs, and the SD shoots me The D I R T I E S T Look. I wanted to stab him right in his cornea... fuck with me, you won't. I took my stuff, and jetttttttttt...

We traveled to NB, and got to his house... I stayed in the car, cos we both decided that it would be a terrible idea for me to go up there with him, and meet his Dad. [E E K] That wouldn't have gone over too well...
He came out of the house cursing to high heaven... His Dad dropped the 'F-Bomb.' [and no... not 'fuck.'] His Dad believes that a duffle bag, messenger bag, or anything of the sort, is to be worn on one shoulder, occupying one area of the body. He also believes that only Fags wear those bags across the shoulders, with the shoulder strap on one shoulder, and the bag falls on the opposite hip. Scientifically, wearing these bags in that fashion actually supports better posture, and ease of movement with said bag. He and I fair the same weather... a father disapproving to one's lifestyle.

We pull away from the house, and see some 'interesting' things along the way... We arrive at a gas station, and fill up... then make our way to the AJ Wright to meet up with his friend Kim, aka 'babe.' This Kim is a tooooooooooootal sweetheart. I love her. I adore her. We didn't have anything to do, until the party... so we went along with Kim to her Grandfather's place, and fed her|his cat.

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