22 July 2006

Calisthenics... what a workout.

Today was quite fun.
I woke up this morning at about 0815am, to Megan waking me up. She called me to tell me that she was on her way, and that we were heading down to the Avon Staples. We were both off, but, last night, as we closed... Hans from the AMA decides he's coming in to get copies. Little did I recall, that the Stack Bypass Tray on our colour machine was completely defunct. We had to let him know that, and suggested ourselves, that we take it to Avon in the morning, cos he would need them by 0900am. We gave him our cellphone numbers, just in case... [Obviously, he'd only be calling mine, cos he knows me best, of the two of us.]
Anyhoo... we get to Avon, and start printing the stuff... and it took forever. The Avon Copy Centre doesn't have our Canon CLC 1180... they have two of our Doc12s, and run every colour job from there... which is odd. Anyway, we made the copies, thanked Katie, and booked it.
Then, Megan and I went down to the Bank, and off to Marylou's. Oh, sweet Marylou's. The large (Superlou) Oreo Cookie Monster is the best thing I've ever had. MMMMMMmmmmmm.
After that, she and I spent some time at her house, with Momma Ritchie and Little Lilah, talking, playing, and reminiscing. That's where the new display picture on my MySpace profile came from. The idea I thought up, from the fact that Megan had an old picture of me, from her 16th Birthday. That was a whole Five years ago.
Then, she and I went to Target. Yay!
I bought myself some hair products, batteries, a card for my little brother's birthday, a Tshirt and Gift Bag for our friend Mikey [just cos it was funny, and so him...] A striped polo for me, and three pairs of amazing sunglasses. [The shades in the 'recent' half of my MySpace photo.] I had to make up for the fact that the last pair of shades I bought there became a little mangled.
Today, Tommy C [TC] and I were supposed to hang out, and cuddle, and stuff... cos I hadn't physically seen him in at least a month, or so...
Yay. We did get together, and it was awesome.
We got to his loft [at the Lofts at SoCo... im sooooooooooo jealous.] and we start going over the fact that the place had changed a little, since last I visited. He painted some walls in different colours, that are tres cute. Then, we went over all of the changes that were going to happen... like decorative, and placement-wise.
He was playing the Music Choice channels on The Box, so he and I danced a dance... After the dance, he led me into the bedroom, and we discussed the changes happening there. He went out of the bedroom, and I followed, placing my hands around his shoulders and neck... so he grabbed my hands, and hoisted me up, in a full-on piggyback.
He took me to the one-seater, and then started to kiss my neck... we caressed for a bit... and he started getting a little solid... so we moved it into the boudoir.
It was the steamiest, most sensual, passionate, intense session I've ever had, in my life... He didn't fuck me, or try to. We just... did so much stuff that it was still thoroughly arousing enough. We simulated sex completely, without penetration... and it was magnificent. I've never felt so physically exhausted, and loved it.
All the different positions, all the body contact... the consistent cuddling, the groping, the fondling, the touches, the caresses, the heavy-breathing... it was all soooo hott, so intense, so passionate... I was shocked at how overwhelming the sensation was. "I've never had sex like this before, not this passionate." To his response: "You've never...??? You're missing out... your skin is so beautiful, you should never have anything but passion in your life... you're worth more than just casual buttsex... you need lust, passion, intensity..."
I wanted to marry him.
...I made him shoot the hugest load of the month. He loves what I can do.
And, after... he cuddled me, for an hour. God, I love to cuddle. He's definitely the best.
We got up, to see what artist sang a specific song we heard on The Box... and, in doing so, we danced together, naked, to quite a few of them... it was dirrrty... and I loved it.
Then, we lay back on the one-seater, naked, and tangled up in each other. It was lovely.
We spent some more time in his place before he asked me if I was hungry.
He was hungry, and asked me when I last ate... we went to McDs and talked some... swapped stories... then went to Friendly's for ice cream, and talked some more.
...he's so sweet.
After that, he took me home. What a night.

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