26 May 2007

the KYLE Underwear Model... he's ridiculously hot, and strangely familiar.

Ok... so the model for the KYLE line of Men's Undergarments is extremely hot, if I do say so myself. To quote most girls this day and age... "He's BANGIN'!"

But, he also kind-of reminds me of someone I haven't seen in a few months... does anyone know what happened to John Starosky? He hasn't been to see me at work in a while, and I was getting kinda worried.

Anyway... Ladies, Gentlemen, and Lady-like Gentlemen... here he is!

And, here are a couple up-close of his front-and-backsides. : )


Michael said...

I like this super sizzling and appetizing hot and beefy guy!! He's my crush for the rest of my life! I wanna meet him personally or thru d internet! Yummy beef! :):)

Michael said...

i can't help of him! I'm so horny of him! Very rude and chisled guy for me! :):)