14 December 2004

What Do I Have To Do?

This is the story of a young boy, named Lance Thomas. He was just your average senior in high school; he had a normal existence, with regular friends who enjoyed playing soccer and such, a best friend who’d have been there for anything, parents who loved him, and an inbred sense of roughhousing.

He and his best friend, Kyle Baker, have gone through everything together: soccer knee scrapes, doctor’s visits, bullies at school, and general forms of playing together. As kids, they would even play Doctor. They performed all kinds of surgeries on each other, like vasectomies, hernia removals, castrations, and other varying “below the belt” surgeries.

As the years progressed, the two became very close. The two experimented with each other {secretly, of course}, and enjoyed every moment of it. They dabbled in the “Homosexual Arts,” with help from gay magazines and Porn.

Ultimately, the two became so close that Kyle had given him the last word.

They were at a friend’s house, Jane Martin, for a party this she was hosting. The two snuck away to a secluded location, at the house, and decided to have a kiss. “I’m not like you. I can’t keep doing this. I’m not gay,” Kyle shouted. Lance couldn’t believe his ears. Kyle then ran off, but he couldn’t catch up. Lance was devastated. He went home very distraught. His parents were very worried. They asked him what was wrong, but all he said was that he’d had an argument with Kyle. {Now, just to let you know, Lance’s parents don’t know he’s gay. Kyle’s parents don’t know that Kyle had tried it, or that Lance is gay.}

Later on that night, Lance’s parents walked into his bedroom to find him crying. They reassured him that whatever the problem was, that it’d be resolved soon, because they had such a history together. Little did his parents know, unrequited love hurts more than all the pains on the planet.

At the same time, Kyle was contemplating exactly everything he had told his best friend. He realized that all the things he said were incredibly hurtful. He, too, went into his room and cried a little. His parents didn’t notice, however, because they weren’t home. He sat in his room and told himself over and over that what he did went against every rule of friendship. He then flashed back to Lance’s expression when he broke the news. It hurt him to see his best friend torn apart like that. He decided that he was going to apologize… tomorrow at school.

Lance and Kyle went to school the next day, and the matter was somewhat resolved. Kyle apologized and told him that they would always be friends. He also tried to lay down some ground rules. He said that they could no longer kiss, hold hands, or any such things. Lance hesitated, but then agreed, after all, they’ve known each other since the dawn of time!

While Lance was at school, his mother took it upon herself to find out why her son had acted so strangely to a simple argument. She looked everywhere! She searched his sock drawer and found condoms and skimpy undergarments. She searched his closet and found snug t-shirts and slim-fitting jeans. Then she snooped about his bed. Under the bed, she found tapes with Gay Porn on them. Under the mattress, she came across Gay magazines and Gay Pornographic magazines. She was not thrilled. She then called his father and told him everything she happened upon.

When Lance came home, he was bombarded with accusations of homosexuality. His parents were assaulting him with these comments and maledictions, until Lance finally came out and said, “Yes, I’m Gay! Leave me alone!” He ran off faster than the Road Runner. He ran all the way to Kyle’s house. With tears streaming down his face, he asked Kyle’s parents if he was in. They said yes, and asked him what was wrong, but he ran past them before they had the chance to finish talking.

Inside his room, Kyle was on his computer. “Kyle,” Lance cried. “Help me. My mother went through my room and found everything! They know about me… I came out to them, forcibly, and they attacked me! I don’t know what to do! Help me, please!” And Kyle, being the loving friend he is, vowed to protect him from his parents. Kyle said that Lance could hide out at his house for as long as necessary. With that, Kyle offered to hug him, and without hesitation, ran into his arms.

That night, the two sat up late and talked about all of the good times the two had while growing up. Kyle asked Lance how long he knew that he was “this way.” Lance told him that he knew about himself ever since the first time they played Doctor, and that every time they kissed each other, it only made sure to Lance that they were destined to be together.

Kyle thought about that for a long time. He realized that he had been leading Lance on their whole childhood! They were lying on Kyle’s bed together when Lance decided to get more comfortable. Kyle sat up on the bed, reclining against the wall, while Lance lay in his arms, on him. Kyle thought that this arrangement felt nice. Lance slept happily because he felt safe resting in Kyle’s arms. And Kyle felt good knowing he could be there for his friend to depend on.

Lance woke up in the middle of the night to see that Kyle was still awake, in the same position he’d been in when Lance fell asleep {reclining against the wall, sitting up, with Lance in his arms}. Lance asked if Kyle was alright. He said that he was, and that he had been thinking of everything they had said that night. He said that everything Lance said had made an incredible amount of sense, but he didn’t feel like acting on it. Lance said that it was fine that he felt that way. They’d be friends regardless of whatever decisions were reached. After their little chat, they fell asleep. Kyle’s parents walked into the room to find that the boys had slept {actually slept, nothing more} together, like they did when they were younger. They thought nothing of it. {Shocking, huh?}

The next morning, at the breakfast table, Kyle’s parents asked him and Lance if they had slept all right. Lance said yes, but Kyle wanted to know why they asked. So, obviously, he asked. His mother told them that both she and his father walked into the room late last night to see how they were doing. But when they came upon the room, they were both asleep. She also said that they noted the position they were in when they konked out. She said it was very cute, but the boys, Kyle more specifically, were worried. Kyle asked if they knew, and they said yes. Kyle was confused. His mother said that she had known that Kyle could be Gay since he was little. Again, Kyle was confused. He told them that it wasn’t what he was referring to. He was asking if they knew Lance was Gay. They said yes to that, too, but Kyle wanted to know why they thought he was. They said it was because of the way the two boys played together as kids. Upon hearing, Kyle wanted to clarify that he wasn’t Gay. His parents agreed, but they knew that he would come into his own with Lance’s help.

That day, Kyle’s mother said that she had gotten a phone call from Lance’s parents. They wanted to know if Lance was there and if he was all right. She said that she told them he was there and that he was fine. All he needed was a little time to himself with a close friend. They also wanted to know if Lance was coming home anytime soon. She didn’t know what to tell them.

Lance and Kyle’s birthdays were coming up rather soon. They were turning 18. {What a great age it is to discover your true self fully!} They decided that, to celebrate their adulthood, they would go out and do what 18-year-olds do: Rent Porn legally, go clubbing, and get pierced. They went to the local piercing parlor first. They thought about it, and decided that they both wanted Genital piercings. Kyle wanted to get his Frenum pierced, which is under the Penis. Lance decided that he wanted a Prince Albert, which is a piercing at the tip of the Penis. They had also decided that they were going to be in the room for each other. It wasn’t going to be weird because they had seen each other before. After that, the two decided to rent Porn. Oddly enough, Kyle decided that he wants to pick up straight porn. Lance laughs. Kyle asked him why he laughed. He said that he laughed because he knows that Kyle is far from straight. Kyle laughs. They both laughed heartily.

On the way back to Kyle’s house, they both ran into Lance’s parents. It went well. They asked how Lance was and how the Baker’s were treating him. He said that Kyle and his parents were very nice to him. His parents told him that they were sorry they harassed him that way. He told them that if they really loved him and were truly sorry, they wouldn’t have done that in the first place. The two boys went off in a huff, leaving Lance’s parents, mouths agape.

Back at Kyle’s house, the boys decided to watch their porn before going out to the club. First, they popped in Kyle’s straight porn, because it’s his house. They were watching it, but it did nothing for either of them… Then, they popped in Lance’s Gay porn, and there were surprises to be seen. Aside from Lance becoming thrilled at the site of men having at it, even Kyle’s “Sgt. Man Meat” was at full salute. He tried to hide it, but Lance knew better. Kyle denied it completely, saying that it was an N.A.R.B. {No Apparent Reason Boner}. Again, Lance knew better. Nothing could get past Lance, but he let it go.

Later on, the boys got ready to head for the club, with plenty of pomp and splendor. The two got all gussied-up for the first night of the rest of their lives. When they arrived at the club, they sat at a table and ordered two Shirley Temples. After a few sips of the grenadine-infused Sprite, Kyle and Lance decided to hit the floor. They were having a ball! Kyle became a tad tired and told Lance that he was going to sit a few dances out. Lance was perplexed, but he said it was fine. Then, as Lance danced alone, he was approached by a very pretty boy. They began to dance and had a good time. Kyle saw this and seethed with jealousy. Lance saw that Kyle looked a tad distraught and immediately came to see him. Lance asked Kyle if he was jealous, and obviously, he said no. Again, Lance knew better. After this little tête-à-tête, the boys went home.

When they got home, they had the same conversation they did the first night Lance stayed at Kyle’s. As you would have guessed, they slept the same way as that night. The only difference was that Lance was the one reclining against the wall, holding Kyle in his arms. In the middle of the night, Lance awoke to look down at Kyle’s lovely face. He felt an urge and took it upon himself to do it. He kissed him. What was strange was he felt someone was kissing him back… And he thought to himself, Boy, does he taste good! The kissing subsided, Lance had to hold back; Kyle didn’t want this. Friends don’t take advantage of each other like that.

The next morning, Kyle got up and went to the bathroom. Lance got up to find that Kyle had removed himself from his body. Kyle came back into the room and talked with Lance. He told Lance that he had the weirdest dream. He said that he was lying in his bed when Lance flew in from the window, took his clothes off, took Kyle’s clothes off, and then kissed him passionately as he jumped in the bed with him. Lance told him that it was the craziest dream he’d ever heard about, and it explained why Lance was getting poked during his slumbers! Lance had never laughed so hard! Kyle’s face turned beet red; Lance then told him that his dream wasn’t completely off…

“I did try to kiss you while you were asleep, but I only meant to give you a peck on the lips. But then, outta nowhere, you came out and kissed me back… tongue and everything! I’m really sorry, Kyle,” screamed Lance.

“It’s all right, Lance. Calm down! Shh! My mom’s going to hear you! It’s perfectly fine; I mean I kissed you back, so it’s partly my fault! That and I was poking you with my love wand all night! Don’t worry about it anymore,” said Kyle, half-laughing, half-serious.

“I have a confession to make to you, Kyle. I… I l… I love you, Kyle,” cried Lance, literally.

“What?!” said Kyle.

“I gotta go, Kyle. Please forgive me. You weren’t meant to hear that, but I’m glad you did.”

“No, wait! Come back, Lance! You love me?”

Lance sat down and cried, frustrated. “Yes, Kyle, I love you. I’ve loved you since day ONE; Ever since the first time we kissed in the park. Every time we held hands or something, I felt like you understood me, and I felt safe and good. You made me feel great, and I love that! OK, I love you! Now, I must go; I understand that you wouldn’t want me to be here right now. Bye, Kyle.”

“Lance, wait… I love you, too. I loved you then, too! When we first kissed, I’ve never felt the way I did with you before. I’ve never felt safer, either. You unlocked something in me that I never thought I had! With you, I can be myself.”

Together they sang, “‘I can let my hair down/I can say anything crazy/I know you’ll catch me right before I hit the ground.’” They’ve never laughed any harder.

Later on that night, after an intense make-out session, the two boys headed for bed. And away went the clothes… They caressed each other with both hands and lips. To Lance, it was great that Kyle had opened up. For Kyle, it was great that he had finally come into his own. They had sex, again and again.

The next day, there was an outdoor concert and they decided they had to go. They had heard that Kylie Minogue, De Nuit, and Amber were going to perform. Lance was thrilled because he loved the three of them. Kyle was happy because Lance was happy.

When they got there, they ran into Lance’s parents. They were ecstatic to see their son so happy, but they didn’t know why.

Lance walked up to his parents. He said to them, “I have a confession to make. I’m really sorry that you had to find out like that. It hurt me to see you so upset, but what hurt me more was how you treated me. It really, really hurt. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that… Kyle and I are going out.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” said Lance’s mother. “I didn’t mean to do that to you. You’re my son; I’m supposed to love you no matter what. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. I really am proud that you found your true personality. And I’m even happier to know that you’ve already found someone who loves you just as much as we do. I’m glad that you and Kyle have each other.”

“We’re glad too, Mom. I’m glad that you approve, you big hypocrite! Thanks,” said Lance.

As Kylie took to the stage to perform “In Your Eyes,” Kyle and Lance got together and danced with each other. Soon after, Lance’s parents got together to dance. Kyle’s parents showed up a bit after and started dancing, too.

Kyle and Lance shared an extremely sensual kiss in front of everyone at the show, without a care in the world.

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